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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Young Moms part 2

Last month all of us in Bible study received this awesome invitation from Sarah He.

The ninth of May, save the date!
It's Moms' Night Out, the kids can wait!
  After a day of scrubbing the floor,
  When hubby gets home, you walk out the door!

    We'll carpool to Wichita, eat at Doc Greens,
    When our tummys are full, hit the movie scene.
The premier of "Moms' Night Out" we'll see,
The life of several moms told in Christian comedy.

   Be ready to relax, chat, eat, drink and unwind,
   The fun times and laughter won't be hard to find!

We took 2 van loads from Newton, and several met us in Wichita since they live close by or were shopping for the day.

1st stop - Doc Greens!  I had a Thai wrap.  Oh my!!!  So very good!

Sarah W and Rachel didn't make it.  They were too busy shopping for Rachel's birthday gifts!  And Beth was going to meet us at the theatre. And Kendall at Starbucks.

On to the Warren to watch this amazing film called "Mom's Night Out!"
We took up one whole row!

We all liked the movie!  I think we have ALL been stress-paralyzed before with children.

Oh my, I remember quite well as a young mom needing to get away!  Being with other friends helped so much!  We had play dates (we didn't call it that in the 80's) or being in a babysitting co-op so we could have a couple hours to our selves.

Being a mom can be overwhelming at times.  I remember feeling hopeless even, on occasion.  Tired.  Depressed.

But there is such JOY in being a mom too!!  Really!  There is nothing so sweet as getting a hug and kiss from your children (or in my case, grandchildren!).  I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything!  Hang in there girls!!

After the movie, we headed to -

Kendall had just finished a photobooth session and joined us.  Here is a pic of her and her husband.
If you want to rent them sometime for a party, you should contact them!

Baby Hannah and Baby Jackson's first time at Starbucks!  The babies got passed around.

"Lord, You are my strength and my song.  You ARE my salvation!  
I come to You, because You said 'Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest...learn from Me and you will find rest for your souls.'

Lord, I seek Your strength, Your joy and Your rest.  
Thank You for emotional rest.  You give me Your peace. 
 You know all about me, because You formed me in my mother's womb.    
Thank You for friends.  For laughter.

  For a Mom's night out!!"

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