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Monday, May 12, 2014


Last week our granddaughter graduated from kindergarten!

So proud of you, Emeri!!

Sophia is finishing up kindergarten soon at her school also.  And Hannah will graduate from the 3rd grade! They still have another week to go.

As school ends, so do after school activities, like ballet.  Sophia had her ballet recital and she did beautifully! No pictures allowed so I didn't take my camera.  Only my phone camera, which doesn't always perform.
After the recital, we did our traditional ice-cream run.

The children are not the only ones "graduating".
Emeri and Eli got a butterfly kit this year and it was time for the butterflies to leave the nest!
They got the butterflies when they were just caterpillars.
Hannah and Sophia did this a couple of years ago also.

 The butterflies are so tame!


 They would even fly back onto their hands after they had been released.
Their new playground.

It will be only too soon that the children will have grown up and fly the coop so to speak!

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