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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The rodeo - yee haw!

We had decided to take the older girls to the Pretty Prairie rodeo BUT
it was a rainy, drizzly day.  We didn't know if it was worth going if it was going to be pouring rain.  The forecast was not looking good, so we chose to take the girls here.

 The girls picked up quizzes in their own age bracket that they could fill out.  At the end, they would turn them in and receive a prize.

The girls were not fond of the mummies!
They would not even step into the room!

After looking at dinosaurs, the Egyptian empire, the world wars, and the history of our nation, we went out to eat.  The girls were all about "all you can eat" chips!

The rain let up and the radar showed the probability of no more rain so off we headed for the rodeo at Pretty Prairie!  Yay for clearing skies!

First, we had an adventure - geocaching!

 We located a spot on close to the farm where Al grew up.  We knew the "treasure" would be found in this cemetery.  Al had no idea about this place!  He never went south of the farm on this road.
 We looked and looked for the treasure!  Then Hannah spotted it!

The scrambled clue said that it was about waist high in a tree, 
but there were so many trees!

 We opened it up so see what all there was.
The girls each picked out a treasure to keep

and put in treasures to replace them (sea shells from Dauphin).

We left the cemetery and drove the couple of miles to the family farm.  Al's brother and his wife are adding on to the farm!  That is why they haven't replaced the siding that was damaged due to hail since it will all be redone anyway. 
Next stop -
the largest night rodeo in Kansas!

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