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Monday, July 21, 2014

The rodeo

We got to the rodeo and Aunt Gayle had tickets for us!
Thank you, Gayle!

The sky continued to clear and the sunset was very bright!!

 Our niece, Bailey, and a friend of hers sang the national anthem.  It was beautiful!!  Well done!

After watching a lot of bucking broncos, the girls were ready for a little break.
They wanted some funnel cake and to see about riding ponies.

 Al's brother, Sid was grilling up hamburgers.
                         "Hey, Gayle!" - not sure what Gayle was doing, but we surprised her!

The pony rides were not operating any more.  Next year we will need to come earlier to the rodeo.  But we did find rock climbing to do!

Go girls!

We went back to watch the rodeo and to share our funnel cake with Papa.

There was sheep riding for the little children.  Most of them fell off right at the gates.

 I think we all agreed that the wild bulls were our favorite, especially when they chased the clowns!

It was 11:30 pm when we finally got home and went to bed!  What a fun date with our granddaughters!

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