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Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall decorations

Already in September the grandkids wanted to decorate Nana's house for the fall.  I told them "Let's wait until October."   They patiently waited.  
Finally it was October and they were so excited to go to work!  I brought up the 2 boxes of fall decorations and explained that the Thanksgiving decorations would need to wait until November but we could begin putting out the others.
I found this little pumpkin frame at the #2 barn sale and put it out later.

My mother purchased this Duncan Phyfe coffee table when she was in college, 
back in the '40's, for her parent's anniversary.

 I love the diffuser.  The kids gave one to me several Christmases ago and I keep buying the refill at Ruzen's.  It is called Bergamot Tobacco.  It doesn't smell like tobacco.  But it is musky?  I don't know how to describe smells, but I just love it.  I have even found that I can refill the plug-in scent bottles with it!

I have put seasonal decorations on my Hutch ever since we purchased this at an auction many years ago. 

Thank you, Caroline, for the birdies that decorate my table!

 You can tell I love birds!

I got this idea at the barn sale too, using Scrabble tiles.  I purchased the little board for the tiles for $1!  I already had the tiles.  And I love putting the tiles by my little "punkins"!  Claire is there on another picture that didn't show.

They did a great job of deciding of putting out the decorations I thought!

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