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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Grandparents' Day

 I found out that Emeri was having Grandparent's Day and that meant a trip to Arkansas!  Al couldn't get away from work, but I packed up and headed down.

I found out that my friend Caryn and her husband were on their way back from Branson.  As I pulled into the gas station at Fredonia to take a little break, I noticed an RV in the parking lot.

 I pulled up behind it and noticed that it had Harvey county license plates!
I dialed Caryn's cell phone.
"Caryn, where are you?"
"Some small town....Fredonia, I guess."
"Look out the window."
"What?"  She looked out on the west side.
"I don't see anything.  What am I looking for?"
"Look out the other way."
I saw her in the window looking out and when she saw me (she thought I was back at home), she was so surprised!

We had a wonderful time visiting and it was just the break I needed!

By the time I got to Arkansas, the children were already in bed.
Josh, Staci and I visited for some time before going to bed ourselves.

The next morning, bright and early, I heard the pitter pat of little feet in the hallway.  I was so happy to see the children!  After breakfast, Emeri left for school and Josh and Staci went to work.  Eli and I had some time together and later in the morning drove up to Emeri's school.  For their grandparent's day, all the grandparents were invited to come and have lunch with their grandchildren.

Emeri's school is in a church.  She goes 2 days a week and the other days does home school in cooperation with this school.  It is a really neat program.

On the way to Emeri's classroom after lunch, we passed the entrance to the church.  I was pretty impressed with this big globe of the earth in the lobby!  (What do you think, Tami?)

 Recess time

Emeri was forever running.... 

Eli was bummed because he wore flip flops and it was hard to run on the mulch.

Run Run Run
 Run Run Run some more!
We said our byes to Emeri and went home for the afternoon.

That evening, we all decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Market Place!
Joby wanted to go too!  (Joby is named after Job, in the Bible.  He had a rough start to life and the kids adopted him.  He loves to be loved on and loves to get in the car!)

Eli making a silly face.  He's so happy with his mac 'n' cheese and sweet potato fries!
We used to come to Market Place back when Josh was in college at JBU.   And Staci used to be a waitress here in highschool!  

I love their bread!
You can see why!!

More about my time in Arkansas to come....

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