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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Running errands

Mondays and also Thursday mornings are so fun!  
I get to hang out with this little kid!

(I share every other Monday with her other grandma.  So glad they are here from Wisconsin for these few years and we will all miss them when they move back someday!)

Claire loves to play in the play house under the stairs.  

When we were playing house last week, I put Baby Jaime to bed on the bunk bed and then noticed that Claire had placed Baby Zoe on her tummy.  After all, that is how she sleeps! 

I always put my babies to bed on their tummys (except Mindy.  She was always put on her back in Korea and at 3 months of age when she came to us, she didn't like being on her tummy.)  I just never bought that idea that it caused SIDS and recently they have determined that it doesn't!  Not that you don't have to be careful about having extra "fluff" around so they won't be able to breathe.
One of Claire's favorite things to do is to sing.
Whether it is Twinkle, Twinkle (which sounds like "pinko, pinko, iito ar")
or the ABCs.
Or all of the songs in the songbook below.
(compiled by Katherine Royer)
Seriously, this is the BEST songbook for children.  It is so sweet.

Songs like 
Sing little children, sing, sing
Sing little children, sing.
God is good, He cares for you.
Sing little children sing.

God takes care of me every day
When I run about and play;
And at nighttime when I sleep
God takes care of me.

All of my grandchildren have loved these songs.  Claire has every song memorized and she sings them all day long!  You can't get the CD anymore and I think it is sad.  Every home should have these sweet songs that point children to Jesus.  

"From the lips of infants and children, You have ordained praise."  Psalm 8:2

The pictures by Norma Hostetler (must be related to me? as my grandma was a Hostetler?)
are very cute.  They just don't draw pictures of children like that any more.

When Claire came last time, I had errands to run so off we went.

We stopped to pick up some decorations for my front entry way 
and also some mums for Grandma Lois.
 A train came along and it was SO LOUD!!
Claire quickly scrambled up my legs and into my arms!

Next stop:  Drubers!  
It is THE PLACE to go while running errands! 

A pink donut is so yummy!  Of course, she had to eat all the pink off first!

Next stop:  Faith and Life  

 We took Grandma Lois a mum.  The workermen came driving by in their cart and friendly Claire had to wave to them!

Playing with Grandma Lois' baby doll.

I believe being a grandma is one of the best blessings there is.  For those who don't have that privilege, I hope you "adopt" some little ones around you and just love the love of Jesus on them!

And here is my entry after I put out our pumpkins and mums and such.  I will have the grandchildren paint faces on their little pumpkins soon.

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