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Monday, October 13, 2014

Barn sales - part 1

Every year I look forward to Beki's Barn Sale!!  Well, technically it is called the Kansas Barn Sale.

It was a couple of weekends ago and this year my daughter and grand kids had other plans and couldn't come with me.  That's ok.  I don't mind shopping by myself!  

I parked in the field to the east of Beki's house.
I got there a little early.  I had just finished my monthly bird watching that I go to in North Newton and it was done by 8:30 so I just hopped up the country roads and got in line before they opened.  Good thing I went when I did as the line was pretty long!
 Then I saw the line begin to excited!  It didn't take much time to get us all in!

There were lots of people!!   Everyone and their dog!  Ha!  Lots of excitement and people seemed so happy about all they were finding.  I LOVED the vendors!

Sweet Beki.  She is an awesome entrepreneur!!  She has her own company called the Rusted Chain.  I have a few of her fantastic pieces!  There are some pretty famous people who have purchased her jewelry!

I don't take my husband to these kinds of things.  I saw lots of men there but my husband would just look at this stuff and wonder why they are selling junk!  Ha!  He doesn't understand how cool all this looks!

I used to have a little lamb like that when I was a little girl! 
I've got hedge balls in my back yard!  I use them for decorations too!

Isn't this a fantastic barn?
Did you know that it is used for weddings??
Check it out!  Emma Creek Barn.
The day of the sale, the barn is used for eats.

Then I spied this table.  I knew it was just the thing for me!

The lady helped me carry it to my car.  It was really heavy!  She was such a dear!

As I left, I noticed cars were parked on down the road and people were walking from a long ways away!   I was going real slow so as not to hit cars or people.

The neighbor dog was wondering what to think about all the cars driving by and parked by his house. 
 So glad Beki had such a successful barn sale!  Lots of money raised also for ICTSOS to end human trafficking in Wichita and Youth Horizons.

And here is my big find from the sale! 

Can't wait for next year!

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Kristi REDISKE said...

Loved seeing your barn sale pics-I am especially excited because one of the pics has my two friends and me in it! its the one in the barn! That sale is so much fun-love going. Just so you know i am not a stalker-HA- I am originally from there and i now live in Arkansas not far from JBU-My daughter and son graduated from there just like your son-in fact my daughter knew him-maybe she just knew who he was-anyway, its fun reading your blog because its my hometown!!