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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adam's birthday

Adam had a birthday so we had a party!
Not that we need an excuse to party, mind you!


Last year for Adam's party, after dinner we went downstairs to watch the Packer ball game, just like this year.  But last year, my mother took a tumble all the way down the stairs!
Needless to say, the party ended early for Mom and for Al and me.
We are so grateful that Mom is doing ok.  She did have to have brain surgery for a brain bleed, but amazingly no broken bones and she is here again this year to celebrate Adam's birthday once more!

We had chili for supper.

 This picture cracks me up.  Some of us were attentive and singing "happy birthday" to Adam.  Look at his dad though.  So funny!  And all Claire is thinking about is ice-cream!  Her favorite!

 He's thanking me for my home-made card.  He told me years ago not to bother to spend money on a card.  Cards aren't his love-language.  They ARE mine!  I keep almost all cards sent to me in a special box.

 We all went together for a gift for him.
 Then we went downstairs for the Packer game.  We helped mom down so she wouldn't tumble.

 "I pledge allegience...."
 Mindy and Bryan
who unfortunately left early - Bryan got sick.
Sorry, bud.
You missed a very exciting game!  Not.  
The Packers pretty much trounced the other team.

We were all into the game ---- except Claire.
We heard her singing "toys away, toys away" as she was throwing toys all around the toy room!

Silly girl.

And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY son-in-law!!

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