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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Graber Thanksgiving

The extended Graber family got together the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

 I got this cute cornucopia idea from Pinterest.

Our sister-in-law brought some mach-kuchen - or poppy seed roll!
Most of us in-laws think it tastes like dirt but the Graber kids LOVE this!!

Always more than enough food!

 Sophia decided she liked mach too!  She had 2 pieces!

We extended our Mennonite table way out. 
 Tell it, Mindy!

The guys wanted to sit in the living room though.
Reuben has something important to say also, looks like. 

 Brenda brought a new game for us to play.

Not many kiddo pictures - after dinner, they were all busy in the basement playing!

Mindy and  Bryan sneaked this one in!
You guys are silly!

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