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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Japanese meal

Our friends are adopting this little boy from Korea! 

Ben is from the same agency that we adopted Mindy from!
And he arrived to his forever home yesterday!!!

A year ago, there was a fund raiser auction to help with the costs of the adoption.  (costs are 5 times more than when we adopted in 1984!) We auctioned off a Japanese meal.  It has been a long time coming, but finally the people who won the bid for our meal were able to come to our home for sukiyaki!

Allen and I decided to dress up for the part.  The people who came for the dinner came from McPherson.  We did not know them but had kept in touch via e-mail.  The couple also brought along 2 young couples.  One of them is getting married in just a couple of weeks!  

 We got out our low table that my parents brought back with them from Japan.
 Sukiyaki is generally served with several dishes - but we decided against the raw egg (although I love it!!) and it seems like Americans like to just put the rice and toppings all in one dish so we went that way.  Less clean up too.
 After the meal, we went downstairs for some Japanese treats and a short fun quiz on Japan.


How many vending machines are there in Japan?
1) 5,00
2) 10,000
3) 500,000
4) 8,000,000

The answer is over 8,000,000!

How many possible functions are there in the modern Japanese toilet?
1) 3
2) 8
3) 14
4) 20

When I was growing up, there were many of this kind of toilet (picture below)!  Not modern at all!

The anwer is 14.

Anyway, it was a fun evening and we are so happy for Ben's arrival to the United States and to his new family!

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Esther Joy said...

How awesome! and it looks like you had a great time celebrating together! God bless them and you!