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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Trip to California - Disney, continued

 After our train ride and carriage ride, we took another ride.  
This time a steamboat.

 Look Claire!  We saw Pooh!  Wish you could have been with us!
I looked for the Big Bad Wolf and the 3 Pigs.  I remember them from visiting in '63.  But I think they aren't popular like they used to be. I was TERRIFIED of the wolf and my mom wanted us to pose with him.  I melted in a puddle of tears so I don't think they ever got that picture.

It got dark early in California!
The castle was all lit up! 

 We enjoyed all the lights......and Starbucks too!
 Look granddaughters!  Oh how I wish you'd been here!

Oh, and Eli and Sophia, you would have loved this!! Lego-land!

 This little Bolivian band played live and we watched them for some time.  Very catchy!  The little boy and girl were dancing around and around.  So cute!

We left around 11 pm .  We were there 11 hours!!  Can you believe it?  These old foggies, just enjoying the magic of Disney.  But in reality, it would have been much more fun with our grandkids.  Wish they could have come!

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