Love the Lord your God, listen to His voice and hold fast to Him, for the Lord is your life! Deut. 30:20

Monday, January 5, 2015

Flight home

What a wonderful time we had had with our dear friends.
Thank you so much!!!


I did not sleep well.  
(the bed was comfortable!  but I kept praying through the night.)  
For His peace.  
     For His hand on Mom's life. 
           For the family. 
                For the flight home.

Don drove us to the airport and we were off.

 You can see Point Loma where Kathy took us that first evening, where we saw the submarine.

Good-bye San Diego!

These next pictures are for my friend, Connie, who hates to fly.

The Grand Canyon
it sort of looks like the east coast of America!

One thing I wish for, that I know there is technology for, is for a tv/computer in front of your seat where you can ask to see what you are looking at.  I often wish I knew what mountain I am looking at, or what city is below me.  They could even have a touch screen where you can find out history about the mountain or the town.  I am sure I am not the only nerd out there who would be interested in that!  

I often don't like the movies/tv shows that are available.  The last flight we were on showed a program that was so very inappropriate for little eyes to see, much less grown people!   It really was filthy.  You can't help but see glimpses, even if you have your nose in a book or out the window.  G rated only please on the planes!   Anyone from the airlines reading this?!   (sorry - kind of got on a soap box there!)

It was snowing and icy in Denver, so we had to have the plane de-iced.

We made it back to town and drove straight to the home.

God graciously allowed my mother to live until I got there.
I spent the night with her.  
Spoke to her; kissed her; hugged; loved on her.
Told her what a wonderful mother she had been.

 She was not able to say much.  She opened her eyes and at one point looked clearly at me and said "Oh my!"  And gave me a smile.  But she was medicated as she was having trouble breathing, causing anxiety.  So mostly she was not coherant.  I was so grateful to the Lord for giving me this time!

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