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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The day

Dec. 15 - the day Mom died

The 15th of December is the day Al and I got engaged.  1974.  

Now we will remember it for another reason too.

I had spent the night with Mom.  They would regularly come in to give her medicine or to change her position.  And Mom would always say "Thank you."

Dad came to the room shortly after his breakfast.

 I would at times go over to kiss Mom or to speak to her.  "Dad, would you like to give Mom a kiss?"  The nurse said "We can make it happen!"  They helped lift him up and bend over.  It was so sweet.  I'm disappointed that the picture didn't turn out.

Jill called me and told me that Josh was on his way!  
 Mindy decided not to take an evening shift and came too.
 It was a precious time for our family.  Mindy made a run for us - Applebees.

 Cute pose, Min.  Then Jill made a silly face too.  We needed some laughter.

Mom's friends came throughout the day to say goodbye.  Others came just to visit, not knowing how serious the situation had become.  Mom's pastors came, along with the chaplain, a good friend.  Most of the day, Mom was not conscious any more.  But we had signals that she could tell who might be there or what was being said.

We sang.  We prayed.  We laughed. We cried.

We were supposed to go to a Christmas party that evening, but of course we didn't.

Dad was holding Mom's hand and all of a sudden, he looked up.
"Oh, that's beautiful" he said.  
He told us that Mom had just squeezed his hand.

I would tell stories about Mom.  
Like the time when she was a young girl and she and her sister (or friend, can't recall) came across some boys who were skinny dipping.  They stole the boys' clothes and hid them!

My mother was full of pranks all throughout her life.

That evening just after 9, with all of us by her side, she breathed her last.

But as Dwight L. Moody once said, "Don't let anyone tell you I am dead.  I will be more alive than ever!"  I know you are Mom!  I wonder if they allow pranks in heaven?

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Anonymous said...

Your mom was so beautiful. I am sorry for your loss.