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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I was sitting in my chair by the window and looked out.  I saw lots of geese on the lake!!  I had to take pictures!!  It was so cold out but I couldn't help myself. 

 I tried to sneak up, but I freaked them out and they took off!

 There were a lot of snow geese.  In past years, I've only noticed a couple, but this year there is a lot of white there.

Pretty snow geese among the Canada geese.
You do know they aren't Canadian geese, right?
I like the underbelly of this one.  All mottled.

I waited for awhile.  Probably if anyone was looking out their windows, they thought I was pretty loco!  Wind chill was about 16!  Brrrr!!

 A few came back to land on our frozen lake.

The other day, when it was much nicer out, our family went on an outing.  As you can imagine from all the geese, there was a lot of geese waste on the sidewalk!!  Claire did not want to walk on the sidewalk!  She wanted only for her mommy to carry her.  


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