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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Burns cafe

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Burns Cafe - 
where good friends meet to eat!

Burns is located about 30 minutes east of Newton on 1st street.  It has a population of just over 200.

Wikepedia says that "Burns Union School was the first consolidated grade and high school in Kansas. The school was the first to use a school 'bus' in Kansas, which were special-order wagons in 1904. The building currently houses the Burns Community Museum."

We went with Dave, Marilyn and Elmer, such dear friends!
 This is such a great cafe - open only Friday evening and Saturdays.

 The restaurant is run by a Holdeman Mennonite couple.  Their food is scrumptious!  They make dozens of pies and they are gone FAST!!  You have to get there early as only the early bird gets the pies!

We were told that they are retiring.  After 20 years, they are closing at the end of May.  So if you want to try it out, you'll have to hurry!!  Be there BEFORE they open at 5 so you don't miss out on the pie!!  We got there at 5:30 and we took some of the last of the pies!

As we were leaving the restaurant, we noticed this man across the street at the Sticks and Things shop.  He had just purchased this ball of barbed wire.  To decorate his yard perhaps?  
You have to be careful as you drive in Burns.  Pay attention to the speed limit!!  The "city" policeman has been known to give out several tickets (including one to my father a few years ago!  Maybe he just gave him a warning - but anyway, he was stopped!)

We took a little journey over to the cemetary where Elmer's wife, Tina is buried.

Elmer pastored this church for 12 years
What a beautiful drive in the country.   It's so quiet and peaceful on the Kansas prairies!

You could hear the beautiful meadowlarks.

I wished I'd had my zoom lens to capture these "boomer" clouds!  Kansas has been having several storms this spring.  More predicted this coming week!

Speaking of storms, Dave is doing a sermon series on the book of Job.  It has really been meaningful!  If you want to listen, click here!  God is with us in the storms of our lives!  Many people blame God for the awful stuff of life, but really He is not the one to blame.  I want to hold His hand IN the storm!

Marilyn took us by the country home where she grew up.  She also pointed out the homes of several people we know.

What a lovely evening with a lovely couple and their father!

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