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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Parenting, part 1

We got our taste of parenting once again.  Adam and Jill went to Florida to the Gospel Coalition pastor's conference so we took care of the girls for several days.

Girls arrive - 
They arrived early Sunday morning.  The girl's had their little worship band before we took them to church.


Following the plane on Flight Tracker.

We went to church and after it was over, went home for lunch and a nap for Claire.
 The girls worked on an art project.

And here is what they looked like once we hung it up at their house.

When Claire woke up from her nap, we drove out to Pretty Prairie, to the home place.  

Car - 

We drove 2 cars.  I drove the van with the girls and Al took our Taurus as we were giving it to our niece.

We just got ourselves a new vehicle this past week.

Sarah, here is the picture to show Luke.  Al will still drive his truck to work for awhile, but he will at times drive this when I need the pickup.  (Luke enjoys driving through the hospital parking lot looking for Al's vehicle.)

Easter egg hunt - 

My nieces and I hid eggs for the kids.  Our grandkids were the only children there that day so they got all the eggs!  

Molly found the first egg! 


Do you see it?

 For family that is reading this, look at the new addition!!  I'll post about this next!

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