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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Parenting, part 2

The Farm -

It is always a joy to go back "home" where Al grew up.  His youngest brother lives there now with his family.
The truck sits on a slab of cement.  A round top used to be located here, but in 1987 it caught fire and burnt down.  The smoke could be seen as far away as Wichita and Hutchinson!

 The girls just LOVED playing outdoors at the farm!

"Here kitty kitty!  I want to hold you!"

 The farm cats aren't tame, unfortunately.
 Oh well, on to other things.

The Remodel -

Sid and Gayle have been remodeling the home.  In process.....

...still in process, but the outside is almost done!  We really like it!
 The new deck, a great place to visit and to grill!

The new kitchen - twice the size it used to be!
Al's Mom would have absolutely loved this!!

Until the remodeling is completed, their bed is in the living room.

The master bathroom.  It is located where the bedroom used to be and the master bedroom is where the living room was.  (for those of you who read this that know this house and wonder how it is arranged)

We are all so happy for Sid and Gayle!

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