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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Parenting, part 3

Each morning we had special breakfasts.
                       On this morning, Sophia helped with the french toast.   

I had to bring my Keurig of course!

Sophia and Hannah begged that we come join them for lunch.  So Claire and I walked to the school. Claire began to run and fell down and scraped up her knees.  Poor dear.

After lunch, we went to visit the school animals.

This one chicken has some wacky hair! 

Claire and I had time to play while the girls were at school.  They got these play horses from their great aunt Terry.  On two of the days their Gramsie and Great Aunt Terry came to play with the children while I had the day to go back home and catch up on my "to do" list.

She likes to line up her Little People.


Sophia had ballet one day after school.

Claire and I went to the park close by.  Claire had to give the Mennonite immigrant a hug.

Papa came each day after work and stayed to help me put the girls down for bed. 

One day we all happened to wear plaid!

 Playing outside -

 "Look at this dust!  It's revolutionary!"

Claire was singing "Jack and Jill went up the hill...."

As Sophia was playing in the bath with Claire, she asked her "Claire, do you like this?"
To which Claire replied "It's heavenly!"

What a wonderful few days parenting once again!  "Heavenly!"

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