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Friday, May 29, 2015


I love to go on walkabouts around our lake.

 Sometimes I hoof it - for exercize.

 But, quite frankly, I prefer to take my camera and go slow.  

Sometimes I will take almost a couple of hours, 
listening to birds - 
trying to find them in the branches.

look!  he has a slug or something in his mouth.

this one too

a cedar waxwing!



 this robin is at the "stone table" -
                       our grandkids like to pretend from Chronicles of Narnia

a family of geese across the lake

another family making its way across

 the water fountain set on the side of the lake.  Broken again.
                                                This muskrat chewed the electric wire

you can see one family of geese on the north side of the lake,
       another family you can barely see in the water
             and one has made it to the south side.
                     the muscrat headed out to check them out.

the water falls over the spillway

                                                       looks like he's got a puncture wound

  I like this bird bath!

on my way back to the house, these geese were right by the side walk.
One of my husband's employees got attacked by a goose recently when he got too close.  I just stood closeby (but not too close) and waited until they headed back into the water.

  they got to the other side and the parents jumped out
  the babies were not able to make the jump

they swam further down the bank to find a spot where they could make the climb out
 they got it!

 the next 2 families followed

See what I would miss by walking by at a fast clip?

"I dressed and went for a walk - determined not to return until I took in what Nature had to offer."
-   Raymond Carver, This Morning

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