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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Little friends join a walkabout

My young mom friend, Sarah messaged me:
Luke would like to go for a walk around your lake next week to find the muskrat you talked about on your blog.

I was more than happy to go for a walkabout with this sweet family!  
I didn't guarantee seeing a muskrat though.  
He is not always showing himself.

Before we started on the walk, we had a little bird lesson about the orioles and the purple martins in my backyard.

I told Luke what I feed the orioles - an orange half, grape jelly and a mix of sugar/water.
The above picture is the female and the orange is on the feeder.  

Below is a picture of when the male first came to explore the feeder.  
I waited to put out the orange half until after they arrived.  I just put out the sugar water when I knew they were due to migrate to our area.
Do you know that the orioles migrate over the Gulf of Mexico?  It takes 18 - 24 hours, flying non-stop!  They winter in Mexico.

Luke wanted to know how I feed the purple martins since their house is so high up.
 I do not feed the purple martins.  They feed themselves on flying insects!

The baby geese are now no longer babies!  They are growing up!

 We found a couple holes that could belong to the muskrat.  But no muskrat.  Maybe he was asleep.

We did see a snake swimming along.
 Below is a close up.
Rat snake, I think.
Or diamond back watersnake?
I don't know my snakes.
I just know not to get too close.
A zoom lens is nice.

snapping turtle
We told Luke that not all turtles are friendly.  
You do not want to get your finger in this one's mouth!


 I love the binoculars that Luke brought.  He used them quite a bit.

Here was a snake again.  Don't know if it was the same one.  Different location, but it was a fast swimmer!  Probably 3 feet long too.
 Kate wanted to pull her wagon most of the way.
 I love this picture her mommy took on her camera!

Luke saw a little bunny but it made a fast getaway.
What a fun walk it was!

When we got back to the house, the children played zoo with the zoo animals the grandkids had left out the day before.  If you know this family, they are avid zoo goers!  

(You can click on her blog site at the top of this blog by clicking on her name.)

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Anonymous said...

I read somewhere if snakes swim with their heads and bodies out of the water that they are poisonous. Don't know that for a fact.