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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hippos, baby chimps, owls....

 My Daddy was a preacher and sometimes when he prepared sermons, his main points would all start with the same letter.  I've known several pastors that do that.

Well, in my 3 posts of our trip to KC, I have started each post with the letter H.  Because this post will be about the trip to the zoo, a natural H word was Hippo.

We began our morning at the Embassey Suites dining room.  Omelets to order!  And so much more!

Emeri told me "This place is famous for its breakfasts!"

It was storming outside so we decided to hit the pool.  
Al first stopped off at the gym.

After lifting weights at the gym, he lifted more "weights" in the pool!

By 10 it was clearing, so we headed out for the Kansas City...

 We got there just in time for a bird show.

 They put this road runner on the railing and he ran back and forth so very fast!

 We see these here in the wild a lot!
Can I say "ugly"?!

The red-tailed hawk also.  One has even been on my deck.

 This owl was just adorable!!

Our next stop was the penguiins.  We LOVED them!

The penguins would swim real fast under the "ice" and pop out of the hole.  Josh explained to us about the bubbles on their skin that they use to make them go so fast.  It was all scientific.  If you want to read about it, click here.

 Racing Papa!

The zoo has an air tram.  Pretty cool!

I was telling Staci it was a good thing they didn't have lions below, because if someone fell out, they wouldn't be able to get away from them!

 But then, maybe these guys with their long horns would get ya!

Love those chimps.   This one had a little baby!

I don't want to be disrespectful, truly, I don't.
But I have always thought Grandpa Carl sort of resembles a chimp!

This is a kori bustard.  Never seen this critter before.

Continuation to come....

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