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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hippos....part 2

I forgot to mention something about the owl from part one of this post.   The trainer told us that if humans had the same proportion of eyeballs to head that owls did, our eyeballs would be the size of softballs!

Maybe we would look more like Japanese anime characters then!

What does this belong to??

The kids were sad that we couldn't see the hippos from under water like at the Wichita zoo.

And we were a little disappointed in the boat ride.  The one at our zoo takes you by a couple islands with monkeys on them.  This just took you from one point of the zoo to the next.  A very short ride with nothing really to see.  But the rest of the KC zoo was awesome!!

Stopping for lunch.

The goose was having his lunch too.  

There is a lot of area to cover.  Lots of walking.
And some tired children!

This baby was only 2 weeks old!

We were getting pretty hot and this ice-cream was the BEST!

The kids took in a nap on the way back to the hotel.  A good rest time before the evening wedding.

What a great weekend we had with Josh's family and with everyone else at our 2 nephews' weddings!

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