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Thursday, July 30, 2015

My heart is full!

The Sunday after our anniversary/birthday party, our son-in-law, Adam was preaching at New Anthem, our church plant in Park City.  Our whole family attended.

Adam spoke on Jonah and during the sermon, he invited Bryan, Mindy's boyfriend to come up front and share his testimony.  I don't know that there was a dry eye in the building!  To God be the glory!  

You can watch it by going to and go to Relentless Repentance.  Bryan's testimony is at about the 20 minute mark but you could listen to the whole thing and hear what Adam has to say too!  

Josh was not feeling well prior to the service.  Very clammy and sweaty.  He went out to the car to sleep.   And right after the service, Staci and him drove home to Arkansas.  That night, he had a 104.5 temperature!  Staci took him in to the doctor and he was diagnosed with erlichiosis, a tick borne illness.  And pneumonia on top of that!  Staci also was not feeling well.

We were keeping their children for the week and that was just a God-thing!  

We got to our truck.  Adam had borrowed it that morning to get to church early.  It's complicated, but Jill left to take Claire home for her nap and somehow she ended up accidentally taking the truck keys with her!  And I didn't have my extra set in my purse.  What would we do?  

In the "old days", when we were kids, we would have all hopped in the car - all 7 of us and to heck with car seats.  But there are laws these days.

The church (school) parking lot is within walking distance of several restaurants so Adam borrowed our car to go back to Newton to get the truck keys and Papa and I walked with the children to Spangles.

See the balloon Eli made in Sunday School?
Yes, He is!  Even when we are stranded 
(I don't know that you can call this stranded!)

Ok.  The first picture of the children is not very proper.  (panties showing and all, after all) So here is another one that is from a different angle.

Then the kids had to take a picture with "the king" - even though they haven't a clue who he is!  They just thought he was a creepy mannequin.   Ha!

We walked back to the parking lot to meet Adam, and with our 2 vehicles, we drove home.

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