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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Posing with statues

I took the 4 older cousins to the zoo.
They told me that they wanted to pose with the statues we came across.
So, there are a lot of goofy statue poses on this post.

 The kids all washed their hands, and then I had them sit tight on a bench while I went to the restroom.  They took this selfie while I was gone.
 I didn't know the zoo got pelicans!
 Hannah has written a letter to the zoo saying we should get some sea creatures, like seals and whales.

 And the obligatory penguin pose!
 Look how they've grown!

Lunch break



 Getting tired - needing a ride

Just as we finished and got to the car, the skies burst open.
We prayed for safety as cars slowed up to 30mph during the downpour.

What a fun morning I had at the zoo with my silly little critters!

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