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Monday, August 24, 2015

An adventure using a deck of cards and a truck!

Some time ago, I thought up a game that maybe, just might be, sort of fun.  
It involves a deck of cards and a truck with 4 wheel drive.

We determined which suit would be which direction.
The hearts would be south.
Spades - north.
Diamonds - east
and Clubs (we call them puppy feet) would be west.
The object of the game is to have a starting point, draw a card and you go the number of miles by the number on the card and go the direction determined by the suit.

Al shuffled the cards.

We got all packed up.  I took a sweater incase it got chilly in the car.  We took snacks and lunch because we had no idea where we would end up.  A book incase we had car trouble and we had to sit awhile.  And of course my camera.

We took the GPS because we knew we might be out of cell tower reach 
and the phone map wouldn't work.
Al checked tires (and the spare) and filled up with gas.

Off we go!

 Our first card took us north into North Newton.
We had decided that J, Q, K would mean that we could decide how many miles.
We chose to go just out of town going west.
 The next card took us south 1 mile.

Al:  I hope we don't just drive around town all afternoon!

And south again
We were 1 mile away from our house (as the crow flies)
but we'd gone 14 miles already!

 A mile south of 96, we drew a spade which meant going north on the road we had just come south on!
After that, we made the rule that we couldn't just turn around 
in the same direction you just came from.   
But if you would want to do it, you sure could.  
We just decided we didn't want to. 

Hi Jen!  Again!
We got to 48th street and Spencer then got a turn east 9 miles.

Someone got a ride with us!

It was such a pleasant day!
This is August in Kansas.  
It could have been 110 degrees! 

We even rolled down windows!
Unless we met another vehicle!

We'd just had 3 inches of rain  so there were a few mud puddles

We saw a deer and her fawn!  The mommy ran into the field but the fawn stayed ahead of us for quite a while.  She had a very long tail we thought.

I thought it was a hawk until I put the digital card in my computer and realized it was an owl!

 Some roads were paths for tractors.

turkey vulture 

 We kept picking spades so we kept going east

 We saw so many scissor-tails!

barn swallows 
 more going east!

Don't know the story of this little "church" building in front of the house.
It was just down the road was the Burns church where our pastor's father pastored for so many years.

He has also translated the whole New Testament into Low German and translated the Back to the Bible broadcast into Low German also.  And he is in his 90's!  God has really used this man!!

The road ended.  No more east.  
We turned south and went into Burns for a restroom break.

Since there was no more east, we went north on a road called Zebulon.
That's the 6th son of Jacob and Leah in the Bible!

 We had to go north on Highway 77 just a tad to get back on an east road.

 When there was a dead end or not a road going the direction that our card said we should go, we just picked another card.

 It wasn't flooded.

But we weren't sure where we were going.
More to come on another post.

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