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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Landscape project

The bushes around our kids' house were getting overgrown and scraggly.

There was old stuff that just needed to be gone.
And the ground up by the house needed to be sloped.
So work day was planned!

When we arrived at the house, Claire came and had to show me that she could stand like a

The kids have adopted a neighborhood kitty that they call Mango
 so Claire may have been a little mixed up.

 There was some play time too.

  "They cut down our Christmas tree!"
Hannah was so sad about it.

 Claire comforting Hannah.
                 See that small spot to the right of  chair?
                                             A leaf bug flew out from the "Christmas tree"

The work continued on.

 Claire exclaimed "What happened to my hiding place?"

Look at Claire's dirty, dirty face!

Adam had some really very nice friends come and help!
Friends who have the right equipment to get the job done!

 Claire looked at Papa and said
                                                       "Papa's face is WET!"

It was a L O N G day.  Al still is stiff from it!

Next on the agenda - planting new plants!
A friend from church will come soon to help with ideas for low maintenance plants!

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