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Friday, September 18, 2015


I'm in the sandwich generation.  You know.  Responsible for watching over my elderly father but also helping the kids at times with their children.

Recently our daughter and husband wanted time away to celebrate their 13th anniversary so we had the children here overnight.

That always includes a lot of wrestling....

and always some ice-cream!

These kids love to wake up early!

Dancing to the sunrise!

 I enjoy watching these kids (AND the ones in far off Arkansas!)


Today the home where Dad lives had Senior Olympics and family members are asked if they can help with this.  In past years, my mom was always there to help Dad.

Carrying the torch

The residents and their families followed the torch to the room where the opening ceremony would be.   

Opening ceremony 
 The oldest "olympian" is 100 years old!


 Bean bag toss
 Basketball - Dad was pretty good at this
But this lady was a sharp shooter!  She could make a basket into the can 6 feet away.
Time after time!

Name that tune
The piano player played songs from different genre - children's songs (Claire!  She played the Wheels on the Bus!), classical (several that my children played for piano lessons), popular music from different eras, hymns.  There were 5 women who were really good at this!

Dad got to hold the piano player's 3 week old baby for a little and it made him smile so!

As I visited with a lady across the table at lunch, she mentioned that she was so lonely.  She had 3 husbands that all died, but never had children with any of them.  Her family are all gone.  I decided next time I visit daddy I will stop in to chat with her!

I really do enjoy being in the sandwich generation!
A sweet daddy and darling kids/grandkids!!

 Thank You, Heavenly Father, for the blessing of family!

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