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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Arkansas, part 2

When we got to Arkansas, Josh showed us his new "baby"!  Sweet!

 Al, Josh and Eli went on an overnight father-son campout.  

While talking with this guy that was at the campout, found out that he went to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with our son-in-law and daughter!  And his wife's grandma was one of Al's first pharmacy techs back in the 80s!  Small world!

While the guys were roasting marshmallows and then freezing to death in a tent during the night, Emeri and I got to hang out together!  That meant Freddy's for supper, movie time, sharing bunk beds (glad I had the bottom bunk!) and Starbucks in the morning!

We picked up Starbucks for the guys as well and met them at the soccer field where Eli had a game.  
This soccer complex had about 30 soccer fields and games were going on all around us.


It was so fun to watch these girls.  They could care less about soccer.
They were having fun jumping in this clump of grass.

Break time!

 There weren't enough kids on the other team, so Eli and his team mates took turns being on the other team.

But Eli was happy to get back to the right team!

They don't keep score.  It is just a fun time.
And learning skills too.

After the game, while the kids had rest time, we went to see my Uncle Bill who was in the hospital.  Aunt Betty is 10 years younger than my Dad.  My cousin, Mary and her daughter.

Uncle Bill was released the next day.

Back at the house....

 Guys folding up their gear.

We went next door to Eli and Emeri's Grami and Beebop's house.
The camping stuff is kept in their basement.

The kids like to get into their koi pond.

They were working up an appetite.
Next post:  Tacos 4 Life!

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