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Friday, October 16, 2015

Arkansas, part 3 - Tacos 4 Life

On Saturday evening, we went to this new restaurant -
Tacos 4 Life

You can read about their story here.

 The food was soooo good!

On Sunday morning, we attended, New Heights
where Josh is on staff.  (He's at the keyboard here)

  They've put out a new worship CD called The City. 
Of course I'm biased.  I LOVE it!

After lunch, we said our good-byes.  Emeri got in a silly goodbye wave
 Because of construction on 400, we decided to head back Tulsa way.
 It's a pretty drive.
We drove on campus where our son went to school in Siloam Springs.
There's been a few changes since he was there.

Well, there was construction Tulsa route too.

Not sure which way was the better way, but I like variety.  We've taken back roads too although it takes up to an hour longer.  But it is fun to see country you've never seen before!

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