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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Road Trip day 3: worship

On Sunday morning, we went to New Heights church.
It meets at the Boys and Girls Club.
Adam met up with a Moody college alum who used to be in college with him.

Josh has to get up pretty early Sunday mornings to get ready.

They are going through a family series and the sermon this day really touched my heart!  God's design for women.  We have been talking about the same thing in my young mom's Bible study and this was said so plainly and in a new way that we will listen to it next week.  If you want to hear it, click here.

Brother and sister were matchy matchy this day!

Josh still had 2nd service to do, but we needed to get on the road.  
So we said our byes to him and went to Newks to eat.

Adam and Jill doing a silly pose.

And from Denver, Mindy and Bryan texted us a come back to it.

Goodbye sweet Arkansas family!

When I got home later that night, Al and I stayed up to watch the Royals.  We were also switching channels to watch the Packers, who weren't doing so hot.  Sad.  But the Royals!!!  Oh my goodness!   So happy for this team that won the World Series!

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