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Thursday, December 17, 2015

The graduates - 1940's

I happened to get a few photographs that belonged to my mother-in-law.
They were pictures of people she went to Castelton High School with, I believe.

Since my Dad also went to the same highschool (even had a couple of dates with my mother-in-law), I took these photos to him before he passed away to see if he recognized these folk.  If I could find out who they were, I could give the pics to the relatives if they are still in the area.

Dad looked at these people and at times he would nod and say he remembered going to school with them.  But he could not remember names.  Heck, I have a problem remembering names too.

Dad took a look at this fella and said "He tried to look handsome, but it didn't work."
I bust out in laughter!  What a thing to say!

So who are these people?  How do I find out?

I'm glad that no matter what, God knows my name!  He never forgets us!
Our names are engraved - chiseled - onto the palm of His hand!

Aunt Ev celebrated her 90th birthday and 
we drove out to Pretty Prairie for the party.

I happened to think to take these graduation photos along and guess what?
Between all the people at this party, we figured out who every one was!

The folks were just tickeled to see those old, old pictures!

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