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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Santa at the Graber house

Every year we have carried on a tradition that my Dad started many years ago.

don't tell the grandchildren!!
            Papa turns into Santa!

Al tells the family he has to go to the bathroom.
Then, while he is gone,

Santa appears

 and hands out the stockings!

This year the children were just sure they were going to catch Papa in the act!
They followed him around all morning!

While he was shaving...
"See!  We have evidence!  He's turning into Santa!"

The children set out food for Santa.

What the children did NOT know was that this year, Al got someone to play Santa!

And Papa got to meet Santa - finally!

He was NOT in the bathroom when Santa came to visit!

"He IS real" Eli marveled!

 Aunt Mindy is awesome!

A thrift store pastor's outfit
bonus Starbucks cards!

Papa received his traditional much wanted chocolate covered cherries.....

 with one cherry missing as usual!

 Books about mice for two girls who had mice in their homes this past month!

And inside the purse?...."free shipping with on-line shopping!!!"
(funny what a girl will get excited about!)

Santa was good this year!

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