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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Adventure to Arkansas; leaving Kansas

Allen and I decided to go visit the kids in Arkansas.  At first we were thinking of leaving Thursday, but when we heard that Sophia was having a program at her school, we knew we needed to wait until Friday!

It was a GREAT program of the 1st and 2nd grade class!

Before we took off for Arkansas, Al said he thought we ought to try out a different route.  On roads we had never traveled before.  We love to see new country!

The first part of the journey we took the regular route we take to Arkansas.

If you don't know, you better watch your speed at Leon!

 The police hide in the trees by the cemetery and are quick to stop speeders!

50 mph through this stretch until after the bridge

 The windmills by Beaumont

 I would love to know the story of this pioneer!
 Here's where we went off the normal route.  We turned south at 99 just before Severy.

 Another pioneer story waiting to be heard.

 I love Flint Hill country!
 We drove through Howard.  We weren't quite hungry yet, but we could have eaten here.
 Some interesting artwork

We saw lots of hawks looking for prey; 
                                           swooping through the air;
              on fenceposts and on telephone wires.

 There is a beauty in all this open prairie


We decided to try out Buck's BBQ that we saw as we entered town.

It was past lunchtime and several customers left as we came in.  
But others came after I shot this picture.
The empty tables weren't an indication that no one liked to eat there.

Pulled pork sandwiches.  Very good!

 Unique decor for sure.


We could have eaten here on the edge of town, but we enjoyed the BBQ

an interesting location....Sonic by a cemetery.

too be continued....

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