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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Adventure to Arkansas; Oklahoma

(Part 2)
We left Kansas and entered Oklahoma.
Rich and Carolyn!  A town named after you?

 It is a 3-light town.

Anyone else bothered by the name of this bank?
It just seems like the H has been dropped from the start of the name.

We turned west.

I would like to continue south sometime and go close to where the Pioneer Woman lives.  
Another time.  Another adventure.

 You don't have no "watah" here in this town?  I could use some "watah".

We all have various tastes when it comes to painting our homes. 

 You can see that the bottoms of these photos are blurry.  I snap away while Al drives.  He always tells me that he is willing to stop for me to photograph something, but if we stopped everytime I thought it was picture worthy - well, our trips would take forever!!

 Oops.  A detour.  Guess we aren't taking Highway 59 south after all.
All the more for an adventure!  We don't ever get upset about detours.

See what we'd miss if we'd taken the other route?
 We get to go ON the bridge!

 Would we have passed Cheapo Depo??

 Grand Lake
 I know someone who would love this house!

 So sweet.  The dog came out to welcome home his playmate!

 turkey vultures
 Al actually made a U-turn and turned around so I could get a closer shot.  I didn't even ask.

We made it to Highway 412, a route we often take when coming down I-35 from Wichita, to Tulsa and on to Arkansas.

(to be continued.....)

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