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Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter at the farm

We celebrated the Graber Easter last week, on Palm Sunday.  It worked best for everyone.  It was a beautiful day!  Not much wind.

On the way out to the farm, we saw several field fires; control burns.
(Two days later, multiple fires broke out in Kansas with high winds - they are still burning, a week later, with over 400,000 acres burned)

Here you can see a firenado!


We hid eggs and the children went on the Easter egg hunt.

  These two were probably planning Arika's wedding.

Dinner time!
Ample food as always! 

I took family photos of everyone who was able to come.
Here are the siblings - minus Harley, who has passed away.
 Terry's family

Harley's daughter, Jennifer and her family

Our family.  Josh and Staci had gone back to Arkansas, leaving Emeri and Eli with us for the week. Mindy was not able to come, due to her new job.

Julie's family was not able to make it, but we took a picture of her!  By force!

Reuben's family -
Ashley and Chris could not come

 And last in line, Sid and his family
       (photobombed by Adam in the background)

We are so very blessed with family!  

On the way home, we stopped by the cemetery.

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