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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


This past week, we could see smoke rising in the distance.

"Let's go check it out!" Al said.
I'm always ready for an adventure! 
 We headed west out of town on Southwest 36th.

An old bridge for a train
(no longer in use)
We were getting closer to the fire 
The Kansas sunset seemed to set the sky on fire
We turned onto a really sandy road.
Similar to the sand dunes in Hutchinson.
We did not realize that there was this type of sandy soil so close to us.
 We came across a controlled pasture burn.
(This is important to keep wild fires from occuring)

Al grew up doing control burns as a kid on the farm.
I know he misses being a farmer at times.
(we joke that he went to pharmacy school thinking it was spelled "farmacy")

We enjoyed visiting with the farmer who owned this acerage.

 We could hear peacocks from
 a couple of farms calling out.
Maybe calling "Help!  Fire!" in peacockese.
 They were coming behind the fires to water them to keep the fire from spreading.
It was all so fascinating to watch! 

Moses' bush?

We drove back home on SW 48th.
Drove past the farmhouse we lived in for 6 months while our home was being built.
Such good memories of that time with our very nice landlords, the Josts! 

We went on this unmaintained road.
Looked like some kids had fun mudding 
in their pickups after the last rain!

 I'm so glad to have a husband who enjoys taking me on little adventures!

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