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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Shopping in the city

I enjoy living in our town; population approximately 19,000.

 I've lived in one of the largest cities in the world; Tokyo, Japan.  Population around 24 million in 1970's.  I lived there for 2 years in highschool at boarding school.

I've also lived in a very small town; Pretty Prairie, Kansas with a population of around 500 when I lived there.

I like to go shopping in the "big city" every so often.  Wichita, population about 300,000.

This past week I decided to go to town using the old highway.  I like driving back roads over the gentle rolling hills.  Pretty farm country.

On the way to town, I listened to stories of Paul's missionary journeys from 2 Corinthians and Galatians.  I have this CD series that has sound effects and is pretty amazing.  We are planning a trip to follow the life of Paul so we have been encouraged to read his letters. And I often use drive time to listen to it.   

I took 81 all the way to 37th.  Just for the heck of it.  There was a train blocking 37th, but I was in no hurry.  I actually like the laid back drive.

 We used to live in this neck of the woods back in the 80's and used 37th to go to Eve Free Church.

Mom and Dad Canada geese and their babies were crossing the road.

I enjoy shopping at Kohl's.

I saw this cute bag in the advertisements and I was so glad to find one!
I also got Al some dress pants for only $10!  Regularly $60!

At Aldi's, eggs were 88 cents for a dozen!  I picked up 5 dozen!  I try to keep extra bags in the car (since you have to bag your groceries) and try to remember to take my cooler along when I go.  And cash.  They do take a debit card, but we don't have one.  They do not take credit cards.

Got some non-dairy cheese at the Fresh Market at Bradley Fair 
for my granddaughter who is allergic to dairy.

I love the classical music they play at this grocers.
The crazy wild music at some grocery stores make me want to rush out!

I picked up several Keurig coffees at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  They have moved and aren't beside the Fresh Market any longer, but are now located north of 96 on Greenwich (for the east side of town).
I like to use my 20% coupons.
Do you know that they NEVER EXPIRE?!
I used 6 coupons.

I had several stores to go to and spent several hours in town before heading home.  I'm exhausted when I'm done.  

Shopping success!

Now to begin a new list.
When it is long, I'll make another trip to the city!

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