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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Exploration Place with the family

While Adam was at our church's mens' retreat, the rest of us had a fun day at Exploration Place in Wichita.

We took in the movie.  We sat clear up at the top!

Princesses Sophia and Claire!

And thief Nana

Kansas Toddler play




The kids were begging for a snack.  Their tummies are always hungry!

My favorite place was:

I have always thought it would have been a BLAST to get into train sets!  A little expensive too!  But wouldn't it be fun?!!  I'd love a whole room set up!

I loved how there were buildings or places from various places in Kansas at this exhibition.

See this Newton Reese house in the miniature above?

The traveling exhibition on display was about guitars.
My son would love this!

 We stopped on the way home to eat.  The kids were starving! Again.

And ready for more play time!

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