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Sunday, August 28, 2016

zoom zooming in Branson

Saturday morning, while the grownups began to pack up the vans (check-out was 10am), I reviewed the story of Moses with the children.   We also went over the 10 Commandments in a simple version.

 Since one of the plagues on Egypt was frogs, I also had a lesson about frogs.

Frogs change from tadpoals to frogs.
And Jesus helps us change on the inside -
to become loving and kind.
More like Him!

Lesson time was followed by a search for some frogs that had been hidden around the place.

 Like most 4 year-olds, Claire likes bandaids.  There is no real boo-boo.

A little outside play time while we were deciding what to do for the rest of the morning.

We decided to head into town for some fun with race cars.

                                           It was threatening to rain.
                                            Let's get this race going!

Speed demon Sophia
 wish this hadn't turned out fuzzy but Jill's expression was so funny, I had to post anyway!

  Here she comes again!
  Hannah passes up her folks too!
 We let the children each play inside for a little

 They won a few points and got Papa a little magic wand!
We went to Chile's for lunch

It began to rain as we ate.
So glad we were able to do our outdoor plans.

Then it was time to say our good-byes and go back -
 Josh's family to Arkansas and us to Kansas.

It is a LONG trip

We played a game where we would pick a number between 1 & 10.
We would count the vehicles we would pass.
The one with your # was your future car.

"I sure hope I don't get a semi!" said Hannah.
And that's exactly what she got!

Another game we played -
if your name was a food, what would it be?

Beef Jerkey

If you know us, can you guess who is who?

Claire played with my phone and we got a few interesting photos.

A fun short vacation!

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