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Monday, December 5, 2016

A Time Machine, Elvis and the Brady Bunch

Our Arkansas granddaughter had a school Christmas program Thursday night, so we quickly drove down to see it.  We took 400 to see if construction was almost done.  It is getting close to finished and the new road will be great!  One good thing about 400 is stopping in Webb City at Culver's!  Butterburgers!!

Emeri's program was called "Back to the Manger" 
(like "Back to the Future" re-written)

The time machine that transports several children 
to various decades and finally to the manger.

The Brady Bunch 


So happy!

We spent the night at the "Prier Hotel" (Staci's parents who live next door).  We stayed up until 11:30 talking doctrine, politics, listening to love songs and worship songs.  Such fun!  We sure do enjoy Dan and Lisa!

Good-bye silly waves the next day.   It is our family tradition to do silly waves (actions) when we all leave eachother's places.

Good-bye to Arkansas!  Just beautiful!

We got home just in time to babysit our Kansas grandkids and then go to a concert at our church - Andrew Peterson in "Behold the Lamb of God."  It is his 17th Lamb of God tour.  We've attended several and just love it!  What a privilege to have him at our church!  (next post)

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