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Friday, December 30, 2016

Haiti 5 - streets

I took several pictures from inside the truck on various trips outside the compound.  While most of the group rode in the back of the truck, my old bones preferred the inside of the cab.  My granddaughter LOVED riding in the back!  We used to be able to do this in the "old days" in the States too.

 The vehicles would pass anytime there was any little gap.  So many very close encounters!  Round-abouts are go-however-you-want-to-abouts!  Pretty terrifying.
 There are many fender benders I was told.

Sometimes traffic is snarled and jammed for up to 2 hours.  A 5 minute trip can become quite lengthy, depending on what is happening.
The stop sign is blurry because we whizzed by it.
Stop signs are only suggestions.
No one really stops.

Everywhere there are piles of trash on the side of the road just like the one below.  EVERYWHERE! I asked what they do with it.  I was told that eventually, they just set fire to it.  And we did see that at a couple of spots.

Vendors peddle between traffic
 And for my husband -

 Many "shops" on the side of the road

 I went out with the missionaries one evening to get some groceries.  I was quite amazed at how clean and well-stocked the store was.  I was told that the average Haitian does not shop like this.  Do we even have a clue how fortunate we are?


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