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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hait trip 6 - the end

Many of our meals were sort of on our own.  We brought along granola bars and such to grab for breakfast and lunch, although sometimes there might be leftover oatmeal or sandwiches after serving the children.  
 But in the evening, we would eat together with the missionary family and the interns.  Delicious American style food, but also wonderful mango or avocados!!
 Dinner was followed by a time of devotions and worship.

On Sunday, we went with the family in 2 vehicles to the church they attend that is located at an English speaking school for missionary kids and diplomats kids.  It reminded me of CAJ where I went to highschool in Tokyo.

 The worship and preaching was in English.  The sermon was one of encouragement for missionaries.

 After service, we went to a type of fast food place they have there.

Hannah and some of the others enjoyed the pool that the missionaries had.

  Hannah made friends with the missionary's daughter.  Isabella and Hannah playing the violin.

Sarah decided to have her hair braided.
It took 13 hours! - I kid you not!
2 days worth!  But it is BEAUTIFUL!

Hannah wanted just a few braids too!

And then, our week in Haiti was done.
We packed things up.

 In Atlanta, Hannah wanted to do the escalators.
 And we had to have Starbucks, of course!

It was an amazing trip.
Very emotional on many levels.

Now, we can understand a little better, about the children who receive our Christmas shoeboxes.  Our hearts will be left there and our prayers will be with them.



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Anonymous said...

I appreciated this series so much. Thank you for sharing. What a tremendous gift you gave your granddaughter. You are right -- we lose sight of the many conveniences of living in the US, such as a well stocked grocery store.