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Thursday, May 28, 2009


On Sunday, right after church, Jill, Hannah, Sophia and myself made a trip to Northwest Arkansas to see my son, Josh and his family.
It was a long trip.
Sophie slept a little of the way.
Unfortunately she cried for about 45 minutes.
Those DVD machines are great to keep a kid entertained!
I remember when I was a kid we didn't have seat belts.
We would lay down in the back of the station wagon.
Cut out paper dolls, play travel bingo....
Lots of fun times and good memories!
Kissin' cousins!
Emeri and Sophia
Josh grilled for us! Yum!

Since getting pregnant, Staci has a hard time cooking.
She is quite nauseous.
We had a gift for the new baby!
Can you tell what it will be??

Staci found a great boy name starting with an E and it goes great
with emeri and emeri LOVES it...Elmo! Isn't it perfect?!?!?!?
Staci tells us that Emeri's name was going to be Cole if she came out a boy. Josh still likes that one but Staci doesn't as much. She likes Eli but he doesn't as much, so the arguing has begun :)Staci's mother knew their delimna and said they should just name him Ecoli. get it?

On Monday, we went to this awesome place!
It is a safari park located outside of Gentry, Ark.
(north of Siloam Springs)
It was sooooo fun!
We thought the warnings were a little scary.

Not responsible for Accidents.
So much so it is written twice.
Luckily, none of us were injured.

First off you can walk around looking at animals.
Petting them.
Feeding some.

There are all kinds of exotic animals here
including 12 tigers.
But the kids found the bunnies their favorite!

See the joey in the pouch?

Then there is this drive through safari.
It is really quite amazing how many emus and other
animals there are here.
Other things we did -
Here is a picture of Sophia.
She is just a little shy of Josh's dog, Molly.
So she stayed close by mommy while Hannah gave Molly a bath.

Hannah loves Molly!
She took her for a walk.
She wants a dog.
Jill tells her when she grows up she can get one.
The girls colored....

Sophia ate some crayons....
and the girls did playdough (Sophia ate that too).

A playdough necklace.
It even matches the dress.

The girls went swimming.

We had a fun time!
Wish we all lived a little closer.
As a missionary kid, I saw my cousins every 5 years when we'd come "home" on furlough.
("Home" was not really home for us kids. Japan was home.)
So at least Emeri, Sophia, and Hannah and soon to be Elmo or Ecoli or whatever great E name they come up (if they end up with an E name), get to see eachother more often than that.
If you have any great E name that would go great with Emeri, can you share it?


Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

I don't have an "E" name, but I vote for Cole. It's the name of our dear grandson, on one and only grandson. Cole is a great, strong name. I will say that I'm the only one who can get away with calling him by his baby nickname of Coley. Guess Grandma can do that! :) Cole Graber sounds very masculine!

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I don't really have an "E" name either, BUT Jill did tell me at swimming lessons tonight that they were expecting a boy!!!! How exciting it is that you and Allen have a grandson now! We sure enjoy our little boy. Sounds like you guys kept very busy and entertained in Arkansas.

Amanda said...

Ethan, Ean (Ian, just with an E), Evan, Eaden (Eden), and my favorite....EARL!!! HAHA! Not to offend any Earl's out there.

Aaron and Shannon said...

I know we talked about this at church...but Cole is name that I like too. I vote for Eli, but I'm biased to that one! I like Amanda's suggestions. I told Aaron today that I liked the name Ian (sounded like it starts with an E! Never thought about changing it to actually starting with an E!) Hope they can agree on something!

Kristi REDISKE said...

You don't know me but i found your blog through The McClenahans blog-I just like reading what all their friends have to say because I can tell the Lord means so much in everyones life. Yours was fun today because I live in Siloam Springs. Actually I am from Newton so I do have connections to some of you in a way. Thanks for posting about Northwest Arkansas-it is a great place to live and I hope it was a fun place to visit. God Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Evan, its the name I gave to my son and I love it!

Blue-eyed Blonde said...

I had a cousin named
Everett or Everette. I was always a little smitten with him as he was very handsome. But it wasn't a very common name then, and certainly not now. How about Emmett and Emeri?