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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another card table playhouse

Last March, I sewed a card table playhouse. You can look at it here. Next Saturday, my Arkansas grandkids will be celebrating their birthdays. Elijah turns one on the 27th and Emeri turns 3 on the 29th. I decided to sew a playhouse for them.

Jill was over one day and helped me.
My last playhouse is more girly, but this one will have some "boy" elements to it.
Panel #1 is done! Three more to go!


The Sieberts said...

seriously Debby-will you make me one!! How much would you charge?? :o)

Kendall Smith said...

That sounds ADORABLE!!!! I may try to make one for Lily's birthday--but will NO DOUBT be asking how you do that!!! :-)

Allen and Debby Graber said...

Andrea, when I saw the price on-line, one lady was charging $175! I thought, NO WAY! Well, it kind of depends. It does take hours to make and depending where you get fabric and all the accessories (like I have an owl, turtle, etc. plus the lettering that cost $14 for 2 packages, ribbons, velcros...) well, it can cost up to $80 or more to just buy fabric and all. And I bought some of it 40% off. An option is using fabric one already owns, or going to Etcetera and getting fabric. I might be willing to make one Andrea, but it is costly, even without any labor charges. Maybe we can talk about it at church or something.

Julie said...

I love this! What a special gift that will make for your grandkids. You are so talented.