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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin patch

Several of the young families from church have gone to area pumpkin patches. Hannah and Sophia decided to make a pumpkin patch in our living room using pumpkins I set around the house for decorating.
Hannah made some play money.

"Nana, you can have this pumpkin for $100."
"Oh, that seems a little pricey."
"Ok. You can have it for 25 cents."

She also made a pamphlet that described the pumpkins in the patch.

Going to the pumpkin patch tuckered Papa out.

Hannah has been on this kick wanting to make her own money to put in her piggy bank. So I had some work for the girls, weeding and watering. They got very dirty.

Bubbles + hot tub jets = LOTS OF BUBBLES (and a dirty tub!!)

And squeaky clean girls!

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