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Monday, November 1, 2010

Card Table Playhouse finished!

I finished the card table playhouse for Emeri and Elijah's birthdays just in time for their birthdays last week. Their birthdays are 2 days apart and I will post about that another time.

Staci asked that I make the "card table" playhouse to fit their dining room table instead as they didn't want to get a card table. It is no problem to sew this house to whatever dimensions work for you. If the children are playing with it and it is lunch time, they can just eat inside the house!

This is the front door along with the mail box. They can put cards and letters in this mailbox. This is a great idea to teach children how to address a letter in a proper way. I guess most children just facebook or twitter or text anymore but it is so fun to get mail the old-fashioned way!! Hint hint - Nana loves letters from her grandbabies!

And because I didn't want to sew a "girl" play house AND a "boy" playhouse (although some wonderful grandmas would do such a thing), I incorporated fun stuff for both boys and girls in one. Here is the fire engine I shared on my earlier blog.

I sewed a "fire" that can be pinned on anywhere you want on the house. Someday Elijah will enjoy putting out that fire! When his daddy was little, he would use the hose from the vacuum and pretend to put out fires!

And the fireman can come rescue the kitty out of the tree. The kitty and all the apples are removable. I used sticky velcro but I sewed them on as well so that they would not come off in the future after many apple pickings and kitten rescues. You can put the kitty higher in the tree too by switching out an apple with the kitten. The apples can be placed in the basket. The kitty is stuffed just a little and has a bell around it's neck.

I made the trunk of the tree out of a towel so the bark has some texture.

Here is the window panel. I sewed curtains for inside the house. I have seen some playhouses where they actually line the inside and sew a fireplace and kitchen inside the house. That would be pretty cool but a lot of more hours of work! I do admit it was so fun to sew!!

You can teach a child about colors with the flowers.

The turtle is an iron-on.

I hope you have lots of hours of fun, Emeri and Elijah!!


Anonymous said...

nicely done - i like it! Rick Seely

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

I s'pose you made the pattern? You're so creative. Maybe you could start a home-based business and take orders. I'd be the first to order one.

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

That's wonderful Debby -- and your other one was as well. Your grandkids will love it.

The Sieberts said...

LOVE it!

Kendall Smith said...

Apparently you did well--I showed this to Ollie and explained that you gave it to your grandkids and he said, "Oh, how sweet!"

Amy said...

This is so great Debby! I love all the little details you added! Such a great grandma! :)

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness gracious - this is SOOO cute! I want one so badly! You'll have to tell me more - did you design and cut out everything - the tree and apples and flowers and everything? Maybe I should show this to Dave's mom!

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Oh my, this is so cute. Sorta makes me wish I had a sewing machine again. What a great grandma you are!!! Love all the boy/girl components! Just a little slice of kiddie life!

Anonymous said...

Great job. And people have been making these for years so don't worry about the previous comments! Some people just want to such the joy out of everything. I plan to make one soon and am drawing inspiration from all different sites on the web, including yours :-) thanks.

Allen and Debby Graber said...

I did not use a pattern. I looked on-line at several ideas and just free-handed them. And some of the ideas I just came up with in my head, or ran across things in the sewing aisle that I thought would work well. You are able to get patterns though. One good one is a lady on Etsy. Check it out! She sells patterns or if you don't like to sew, you can order her cardtables. I am sure they are much better quality than mine. I wouldn't want anyone to look too closely to mine! I was asked to make one for someone but I am not interested. I only did this for my grandkids.