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Friday, November 5, 2010


We were invited to a carnival tonight. Kim and Benjamin welcomed us and then we purchased tickets for the evening.

8 tickets ($2) bought a full meal deal - including pie!! What a deal!

The Andersons were there...

...and the Lakeys. Look how BIG the sub sandwich is! Amy is squashing it down so it will fit into her mouth!

The bouncy house was 3 tickets. The girls went in there many times!

There was a cake walk.

#7 wins!
It's Sophia!! She picked out the cupcakes that her mommy made.


Lots of people were getting wierd hair-dos.

And there was face-painting too.

There was a basket auction and I won one! Lots of really nice autumn things!

Thank you for inviting us, Hannah, to your school carnival!

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