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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Young Family Fall Party

Fall - 2004 The first young married's fall party. That year we joined with the Jost community life group and went on a hay rack ride.

Raggedy Ann and Andy (aka Tony and Angela Estes, who are now in Oregon)
Life and Cinnamon Life Cereal (aka Joel and Kendall Smith)
Samson and Delilah (aka Allen and Debby Graber)

Fast forward Six years!
(Would you believe there are now 42 couples on the list of young family life at church?!)

There was a young family fall party tonight. Adam is preaching tomorrow and Jill needed a break, so we took Hannah and Sophia with us to the party and gave them a night to rest up.

The party was at the Bebermeyer's farm. There was great food (chili, hotdogs, cornbread, lots of yummy pumpkin goodies and other desserts). We played part of the time inside this huge tin shed. Hannah drew a picture of her mommy on the concrete floor. Good likeness.

Way to go Riley!
We roasted hotdogs outside.

We brought along bikes for the girls.

I didn't bring my nice camera - only the pocket size one. So the pictures I took weren't so good. Hopefully Lindsey got some great pictures she will post. Especially the fire that was rainbow colored! This is a picture of the guys wearing head lamps so they can read the music. We sang worship songs while these guys played guitars. Hannah told her daddy "Daddy, they were singing your songs!"

Great young friends who don't mind having oldies like us tag along! Fun party!


Amanda said...

Fun to see pictures as we are sitting thousands of miles away, looks like we missed a fun evening!

Kendall Smith said...

We are SO glad to have you guys tag along!!! :-) It was a fun night. And we're still thankful you invited us to YOUR fall party 6 years ago!!!

The Sieberts said...

of course we LOVE having you-young at heart I say!!! :o)