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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kansas Adventures, August; Part 2

This was our destination for the day.

We have been there for a couple of weddings, but not to browse around at all the flowers.

Sophia was very concerned that these cranes had been turned to stone, just like on Narnia.

The children's section just opened last week.

This was probably their favorite spot. They watered and watered and watered all the plants!

Even Papa joined in.

It was so very humid and hot. The kids loved the spray mist to cool them off!

When you dropped the little rocks into this box, it sounded like rain. There was something you could bang on to sound like thunder too. Wish rain and thunder would really come this way!!

Two very, very hungry children had a snack with the very hungry caterpillar!

The butterfly house was very fun! Butterflies fluttered all about!

I will post about the end of our adventure another day!


Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Your photos are beautiful! What a lovely day you had with your precious little ones. Children's section looks wonderful. We've been before. Looks like we'll have to make another trip there, too!

The Sieberts said...

very fun! i'll have to take my girls sometime!!

Laura Hill said...

We went just the other day with our Kindermusik group and loved it!!! And just for future reference Thursday admission is $3. They told us that it will be that way indefinately, or until they decide to change it.

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Hannah and Sophie are so photogenic. What fun. I've been wanting to take our grandkids to the children's garden.